Wicca meditation guided

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Wicca meditation guided

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Subscribe for free weekly updates from this Wicca site. Past Issues. Guided Meditation for Mabon. Ro Longstreet. Guided meditations are a great practice for Wiccans. They relax the mind and let it flow into a fantasy state in which visions are possible.

This guided meditation puts you together with the God at Mabon, which is the second harvest of the year. Here, the Lord wears the persona of the Steward of the Earth. He shows you how to give of your own abundance to increase it tenfold. Record your voice reading the scenario…very slowly.

When you are done recording, sit or lie down somewhere quiet, play back the recording, and allow yourself to see and feel everything it says. When spoken, the meditation is about eight to ten minutes long. Abundance: You stand on the threshold of a great hall. It is a mighty lodge of rough-hewn logs with a ceiling that lifts far overhead. Beyond the reach of nine ash spears laid end to end does that ceiling soar. The columns that hold up this vast roof are living oak trees.

Ancient grape vines coil around their massive trunks and jewel-toned grapes shine among the dark spreading leaves. If you look straight up, the trees vanish into clouds. Not smoke, but clouds. If you look outward across the hall, you see huge bonfires that leap and crackle in stone-lined pits.

Above each is a skylight cut into the distant roof to release the smoke and sparks. Some skylights show the stars we know. Some show the constellations of a different world. And others show the sunlit skies from different seasons.

Time is irrelevant here. The Harvest is now. You step inside the great hall and crowds swirl around you. People, eating, drinking, dancing. Their garb marks them from every human era. Stone Age.

Sky & Earth Grounding Meditation

Bronze Age. Iron Age and forward. They have found solace and splendor here. As you walk past the roaring bonfires, you see the merry faces of everyone you have ever known who has gone before you to the Summerland.

wicca meditation guided

All your long-lost pets are here as well. You shiver to feel a furry body rub against your ankles or a cold nose thrust into your palm, inviting a caress.So what about meditation and visualization working together? During meditation, we still our bodies and quiet our mind.

Our mind, however, has a different agenda. Calming that chatter takes practice. Visualization gives you a focus your mind connects with, and it directs your meditation through significant imagery.

All manner of spiritual and magical practitioners use meditation and visualization. They may apply the methods in spellcraft for greater precision. Or, add them to group rituals as a means of bringing members into accord and oneness of purpose. On a personal level, these two techniques benefit your quest for an understanding of greater mysteries let alone ourselves. Solitary Wiccans in particular may enjoy this adjunct in their workings.

The basic definition of the word meditate is thinking deeply — reviewing something in your mind while your body remains at rest. Taoists seek an inner silence during meditation. Shamanic Witches may use meditation for communing with spirits, vision quests and achieving trance states.

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Whatever the goal, modern studies show us that meditation has numerous mental and physical benefits. These include:. Meditation is an ancient art. So, it may well be that the ability to meditate was discovered completely by accident. The first time someone got lost in thought he was, effectively meditating. Consider the tribal drummer sitting and pounding out a rhythm who suddenly realizes that hours passed since she began.

Can you sit, stand, dance, sing, drum or walk when you meditate? Some people even find typing inspires a meditative state. Eastern mysticism teaches that anything can become a kind of meditation; the only differences are your attitude and level of concentration. Wear comfortable clothing, be well rested, and ensure yourself of some uninterrupted time.

Start slowly in five or ten-minute increments. When you become more proficient, try to increase the amount of time you spend meditating.

wicca meditation guided

Stretch out beforehand, getting rid of those distracting aches and kinks. Increase the amount of time as you become more proficient. Meditate soon after waking or before eating.

Use aromatic oils, chanting, candlelight or visualizations as helpmates. Slow, even breathing is a central part of meditation techniques. Listen to your heartbeat; that is your inner drummer 7. Focus wholly on the task at hand, not your chore list for the day. Your meditative successes vary with your environment, level of focus, and personality.Traditions vary, but it is often associated with spring, flowers, and fertility. In this meditation you will explore the areas in your life where you are creating, and focus on a specific act of creation in your life.

In a safe place begin by shaking out tension and stress from your body, then find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Go ahead and feel your body, are there places you are holding tension? Even if you are indoors, let yourself feel the warmth of the Sun.

As the light moves up your body, to your feet and then your legs, feel them soften, releasing any tension they were holding. The light touches your knees, then your thighs. Feel the Sun release your light reaching your chest, and your shoulders, traveling down your arms and in to your hands.

Feel as your neck and jaws soften, and finally your face and you whole head. Just breathe. Each breath in absorbing the light and storing it. When you are ready bring your awareness to the center of your chest.

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You can hear the sound of honey bees and feel grass between your toes. Your body is still full of the energy from the Sun, and when you look around you can see there is a narrow path leading away from the apple tree and towards a looming mountain. Let yourself move down the path, leaping and cart wheeling. Release the energy that has been pent up all winter and feel the wind on your skin as you run.

What does the Earth feel like under your feet as you move? Can you hear sounds? What do the plants smell like as you brush up against them? Soon it is lifting you up, and carrying you towards the mountain.The heat hangs heavy in the air as you enter into the clearing. It is accented by the loud humming of June beetles and the buzz of bees.

There is hardly any breeze. A brook is beside you. The flowing waters of the brook look appealing. You think about removing your clothes and jumping in, but then you hear the sound of pipes in the fields on the other side of the brook. You're curious about what's happening, and go to find out. You cross the brook using stepping-stones and make your way up the gentle slope. There is a fence around the pasture. You find the gate, open it, and enter the field.

The hay smells sweet and strong. The crickets are chirping. They hop out of your way as you walk through the tall grass. The grass tickles your hands and rubs against your legs as you make your way through it.

A hare scampers and hides, camouflaged among the browns and greens. You reach the garden that was planted last spring. You remember the planting rites and notice that the vegetables are full and lush. You reach out and part the large, rough leaves of a zucchini plant to see the shiny green fruit hidden beneath them. The cornstalks are tall-almost as tall as you. Nubs of young ears line their surface. The tomatoes are not quite ripe, but the peas and beans can be picked. You snap off one of the pea pods and break it in half.

The fresh green scent is released. You place the peas in your mouth and savor their sweet taste. You walk through the garden admiring the growth. The musical sound that beckoned to you is coming from the other side of the hill. With the excitement of discovery, you walk on. As you reach the top of the hill and look down, you see stretched out before you an ocean of yellow grain. A gentle breeze comes through. The shafts sway lightly in the wind, creating a wave of wheat.

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Below you is a couple sitting by a hedgerow. They both appear to be of early middle age. She has the wide hips and breasts of motherhood; He, a thick yellow growth of beard on His chin. He is playing His pipes for Her, a wistful, plaintive lament. You watch as He finishes His song. They stand and embrace.

It does not appear to be a sad scene, yet you feel a sense of sweet parting. They release their lovers' embrace. She gently smiles, touching His fuzzy cheek.

wicca meditation guided

You hear Her call Him "John.Contemporary Pagans of many paths honor Her at Spring Equinox time. Also known as Eostre, the Christian festival of Easter was named for Her, and the Easter Bunny, baskets, and colored eggs that are part of Springtime and Easter celebrations in America, Europe, and other parts of the world are rooted in Her lore and symbology. This form of my Ostara meditation which I present here can be done as part of a group ritual or as a personal meditation.

It can be a ritual itself or included as part of a longer ritual. In guiding this meditation for others as part of a group setting, pause between paragraphs and include longer pauses indicated by In guiding this meditation for yourself, you may find recording it on a tape first and then playing it can deepen your experience.

Find a comfortable, safe, and quiet place to be for this meditation. Close your eyes. Relax and center yourself by taking deep slow breaths. Now journey inward. Imagine that you are in a hilly countryside. It is just before dawn at the beginning of Springtime. The land is nearing the end of its Wintertime slumber. You face the East and watch the Sun as it begins to rise. Rays of light shimmer onto the land and into the sky. Experience the beautiful colors of light that is the Dawn.

Now, as the glowing disc of the Sun becomes visible above the hills, you see the Goddess Ostara appear on the land in the distance in the East. She is beginning to move toward you. As She moves, the land awakens with new life. You see Her coming toward you in the form of a Beautiful Maiden. You see Her radiant face and flowing gown. She is carrying a golden basket filled with colored eggs.Light a black candle to symbolize the heat of the hearth.

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Meditating with a black candle brings spiritual protection as it absorbs hostility, unfriendliness, curses and more. Black candles aren't evil, they help us stay protected from harm.

Sapphire, Black Tourmalineor Amethyst.

Meditation Techniques - General Pagan - The White Goddess

Carrying these gemstones today can bring success and fulfillment of your goals. Wear them as a talisman or simply keep them close to you to harness their energy. Drink a cup of Black Tea to connect with Saturday's infallible inspiration. Black tea has a higher rate of theine than other teas, so it is a powerful stimulant. Its rich aroma promotes an awakening of the senses and its fluorine contents can help prevent cavities!

This spell generator is updated by tracking the lunar transits and phases. Click below! Magic is simply working with the energies for channeling an intention, and the fact is that we can all practice Magicand in fact we do it without realizing it.

If you have ever been surprised by your own thoughts and realizations under a warm shower, then you have already experimented a ritual of Magic. Incorporating Magic into our daily lives feels just the same: A cleansing exercise for the spirit.

You probably already have some daily rituals or personal superstitions, so try combining these ideas with your usual routine in different ways until you find your preferred way to be a Wiccan:. Eclecticism is a philosophical current that tries to reconcile the doctrines that seem better or more credible, although they come from diverse systems. Eclectic Wicca mixes ideas from various traditions of Wicca, and elements from other sources.

This opens up the faith so that it can adapt to your background and your current identity as a Witch, Pagan, Non-Pagan, or other. You can embrace spirituality and live a more Wiccan life without renouncing to your daily life or even your current beliefs. All it takes is study and commitment. Creating a devotional routine even if you start with as little as 5 minutes a day can help you become more centered and spiritual.

Saturday's Magick Candle. Bast, Hecate, Hestia and Saturn are rulers of Saturdays.I t is ten minutes till midnight on Samhain Eve, the last harvest of the year and the time of the Feast of the Dead. The world fills with pulsating energies, straining beyond the veil to touch humankind, to remember, and to return the gift of memory. You find yourself standing in a large, secluded clearing.

Some call it a grove, others the Nemeton. The tall firs flanking three sides of this magickal place continue to stand firm and regal, their dark shrouded limbs beckoning secrecy and protection.

wicca meditation guided

Behind you lies the midnight-white stubble of a corn field, its bounty given to the people so that they may prosper during the harsh, cold months to come. The vile poison of humankind smokes in the background-- the cities overflow with crime and despair, corruption and greed.

No longer are you a person of centuries past, but of the present. A mist creeps upon the ground. Light, silvery, it tickles the hems of pant legs, and long heavy gowns, then caresses cloaks and capes of many hues. The moon begins its arduous journey across the heavens, casting rippling beams of ivory magick upon all below.

As before, you are one among many--young and old, robust and slender. A sea of faces, each barely masking taut anticipation, wavers before you. Eyes of all ages examine the grove carefully. Are they satisfied that all is ready? Whispers undulate in the mist, weaving the threads of unity among the people. You can feel it. They strive for oneness with the Universe, drifting close, then separating. With relief, you know you are finally a part of those around you, searching for a common goal. You glance at a lone woman who stares at the poisoned heavens, her lips set in a determined line.

Her gray cloak swirls about her in a breath of chill, evening air. She pads gracefully to the center of the circle, moving through deep flickering shadows of the surrounding torchlight. Your attention draws to the whispers among the people.

It is a fleeting thought, a stab of pain. Despair snakes through their energy. Perhaps it is hope that spurs the others on, or fear that cloaks their minds. Maybe it is sheer determination. With graceful, practiced hands, the woman in the gray prepares the need-fire, bowing reverently as the flames take hold. A hush envelopes the grove as the flames rise to the heavens, licking and spitting sparks that refuse to die.

Every man, woman, and child draws closer to the fire. They clasp hands.


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