Tpconnects review

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Tpconnects review

We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. By using this website you agree to our Cookie Policy. Learn more. I agree. Tpconnects Technologies Llc — fraud product fraud system no 1 fraud managements.

Submit a Complaint. Be-aware of fraud company tpconnects and other name of tpconnects technologies llc - who is doing fraud and crime by false booking platform system platform in travel industries no1 fraud company fraudulent cheaters harassment metoo criminal hashtag fraudscamscandal customer partners clients Be-aware of a no 1 fraud company in middle east and the world the organisation name is tpconnects making fool to many airlines people and this mangagement need to put behind the bar and employees also supporting from other organisation and sharing the information from one company to tpconnects ex staff and managements also saying that they are no Yes they are no1 in middle east uae beacuse they are no 1 doing fraud business in travel industries.

That why no 1 in fraud crime Do the proper research on this companies specially do the complete background check of the fraud, money laundring with many clients, airlines, banks, employees, staff, no1 cheaters in travel industries with the name tpconnects. Specailly they are several duplicates of account ontpconnects staff which is register and managed by the managements of tpconnects.

You never ever seen this ladies and gentalmen in uae office or others office. They only make fool to others vendors clients etc. No1 culprit person praveen kumar, rajendran, mary rose vaidyalingam, ullas nair, reshmi sen, aswani n, aswani valraj, syam menon, gorge rajan ammar and many more managements staffs of this fraud companies.

I[censored]ae is not kicking out this kind of people from the uae countries or middle east countries. If you hire this person they will be harm to your organisation or a group, better be aware from this fraud companies.

Tpconnects — tpconnects is a fraudulent company in dubai

Already many people are in trap and already shared from emirates to tpconnects, flydubai to tpconnects, and many more airlines - suppilers are harm from this group of companies and partners of this companies. More details stay tune on media, socal media, find out all this staff in uae and kicked out from the uae countries middle east countries they are deserves to do no1 fraud. So in between 8 to 9 months this people were silients again they started doing a crime in middle east.

Stay tune for more updates. This company will say all the time we are the No1, yes they are No1 in doing crime and making business, many clients had dissolve thier business and many airline, suppiler shut down thier businees due to this frauduster people and managements.

No1 Fraud managements in this world of tpconnects Flight Centre FCM, other airlines get ready for trap with fraudestr company tpconnects Dont go with th innocient face of this basters, do the complete background check and history track recodes whcih is register cyber crime, Economic Departments. Marry Rose, Reshmi Sen and Ahwini V, Radhika Nair, Vargesh, Vishnu Priya and many ladies from tpconnects, if do you have little bit shame if you know about your family details, will this baster will do with you guys the same thing, i hope this is common for you and your family for cheating.

Related Complaints Tpconnects Technologies Llc - no1 faduster company in the middle east region making fool to many people even tpc staff also they are making fool to many many people in the world. View all Tpconnects Technologies Llc Reviews. Your Rating 1 star is bad, 5 stars is good.Get in touch with us! Integrating an NDC airline to a booking engine typically takes 3 to 6 months. A single NDC API with multiple airlines connected regardless of the schema or version used and without the need for costly integration.

It is a challenging time for everyone, not only for the travel sector but in every element of our lives. All sectors face unparalleled disruption and travel agencies are on top of the list. This time is unprecedented and extremel The company has secured a Our Airline retailing product is the platform-of-choice for the global airline brands leading the transformation in air retailing.

Our messaging capability is validated by IATA with the following certifications. What we offer for Travel Companies. Get Demo. What we offer for Airlines. What we offer for Travel Booking Engine owners. Read More. New technology allows for more convenient travel planning in MENA region.

Travel Agency Solutions. Airline Solutions. Get in touch with us. Latest News. Flight centre travel boosts tech platform with investment in TPConnects. Check out more updates. Airline Customers using our technology. Travel Suppliers Integrated. To redefine your travel retailing business speak to a member of our management team. Rajendran Vellapalath CEO. Praveen Kumar CTO. Aswani Nambarambath COO. George Rajan VP — Sales. Vaidyanathan CFO.Oman Air values your personal information and privacy.

Our Privacy Policy applies to all of the information we gather, and you share with us when you visit our website, Oman Air NDC Direct Connect Website, use our apps and utilize any services provided by Oman Air including our leading Sinbad customer loyalty programme. Once you choose to provide us with personal information, Oman Air will only use your information in accordance with the Oman Air Privacy Policy.

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Please review our Privacy Policy here. We also use various support and other functions, which may require the transfer of your personal data to and from other countries from time to time, both within and outside of the European Economic Area. Please note that by using this website, mobile site and mobile applications, you are agreeing that your data may be sent to and processed in other countries with varying data protection laws.

Your continued use of this website, mobile site and mobile applications constitutes your agreement with this Privacy Policy. If you cannot agree with these terms, please exit this website, mobile site and mobile applications. Please note that other airlines have their own privacy policies. Oman Air recommends you read those other policies if your travel plans include travel on other airlines, as those policies may differ from Oman Air. Oman Air is based in Muscat, Oman. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Data Protection Team: dpo omanair.

You can access our full Privacy Policy below to help you to understand better how we use your personal information. In it, we explain in more detail the types of personal information we collect, how we collect it, what we may use it for and who we may share it with. Within the Privacy Policy you will find some specific examples of why and how we use your personal information. O Box 58 Postal Code Oman. Without prejudice to your rights under applicable laws, the above and the Privacy Policy are not contractual and do not form part of your contract with us.

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tpconnects review

Oman Air will only process your personal information where we have a legal basis to do so and at all times in compliance with applicable data protection laws. Set out below are the legitimate reasons for which Oman Air will collect and use your information:.

Legitimate Interest - As a civil commercial air carrier, we are required, under law, to collect and process personal information for the purpose of security, safety, passenger booking, record keeping, and provide the passenger travel related information to the government under applicable laws for security and prevention of unlawful activities.

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In addition, each marketing communication we send by email will also have an unsubscribe option which will allow you to stop you receiving further marketing emails.Territory Sales Manager. View Larger Image. Job Purpose To achieve, organise, control and monitor Sales and marketing goals of the company in Saudi Arabia. To monitor operations and administration of sales inline with company procedures and policies.

To assist in the development of value-added products for implementation in the local market in order to further optimize and enhance revenue. To control, guide and monitor the day-to-day activities of all field sales staff to ensure satisfactory performance levels and smooth flow of business. To ensure that the product and promotional plans are understood and implemented to give the greatest impact in the market. To prepare weekly, monthly and annual sales reports and constant monitoring of market trends and competitor activities in order to ensure that Head Office is kept informed of local conditions.

To review the fortnightly and monthly sales of travel agents and GSA to ensure that business potential is being maximised and take suitable remedial actions. Qualification and Experience University Graduate. Excellent organizational, communicational, interpersonal and leadership skills.

An excellent track record in developing, implementing and controlling budgets. Should be an analytical thinker with a high degree of initiative to keep pace with market trends and develop appropriate innovative strategies. Good knowledge of the local travel market and excellent relationship with the Decision Makers of Travel Agencies.

Should possess a valid local driving license. Ability to communicate fluently in spoken and written English. Apply Online.

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Territory Sales Manager

Learn more. I agree. Tpconnects — tpconnects is a fraudulent company in dubai. Dubai clock tower, DubaiUnited Arab Emirates. Submit a Complaint. Tpconnects undoubtedly is a fraudulent company and is spearheaded by the one who was the cause of major two airlines debacle in middle east Rotana jet and rak airways. The company is headed by rajendran vellapalath and bitsy phillip who was heading cherry brown llc, tourismpoint llc, etc These companies also had very bad reputation in the past and have cheated many clients and staff by not paying them their pending bills and salary dues.

The airlines already working with tpconnects or who already have signed the contract with them in the middle east have already expressed their displeasure working with tpconnects. This company has fooled many clients and staffs alike. Agents in dubai and saudi arabia have lost huge amount of money investing in technologies provided or recommended by tpconnects. Never do any business with tpconnects or its subsidiary companies. The staffs and clients payments have been pending and most of them have already lodged a complaint or are already in the process of going legally against tpconnects It's been speculated that more than 20 odd staff haven't recieved their dues.

Most of them have already filed a petition with the local authorities in their respective countries. Most of the big agents in the travel industry in middle east have lost money investing in their technology through tpconnects. Some major airlines who have signed with tpconnects have realized their mistakes, "not even a day is gone without a bug in the ndc platform" quotes one of airline who regrets in partnering with tpconnects.

The suppliers dealing with tpconnects have slowly started switching off their connectivity with tpconnects platform. The agents in uae, india and saudi arabia have major concerns on the payment they have to recieve from this company. Few taai member agents in india have already complained to the taai and have requested to cut off all ties with tpconnects.

A word of caution to job seekers and new business prospects to do a proper background check before associating or working with a company like them. Please refrain from working with an unprofessional organizations and people like tpconnects. Always do a market check before engaging with a travel technology partner like tpconnects, if not your business will be doomed.

Fake office photos. Fraud Office and Fraud company in the Dubai Travel based industries, most of the travel companies are in trap with this kind of people, no1 fraudulent managements in the world. Quote from a Travel Tech clientA technology company has created a new information aggregate that allows travel agents to speak directly with airlines, making travel in the Middle East and North Africa more convenient and less costly. For the first time, a company spokeswoman says, travel agents will be able to see exactly what airline employees have access to in terms of ticket pricing and ancillary charges such as extra leg room, bag checks and in-flight meals.

This new technology will allow travel agents access to those ancillary options, and the ability to pass that information on to travelers. TPConnects will allow agents to create personalized special offers to travelers based on demographics, loyalty status and other factors. Travel agents will be able to reach out to airlines directly to inquire about special offers for certain travelers.

Understanding NDC - Industry Settlement

The aggregate also enables agents to connect travel suppliers such as hotels and rental car companies with travelers, as well. TPConnects will be able to find the best deals and purchase other travel necessities, such as insurance or concert tickets, directly from the vendor. TPConnects says its technology is the first to receive certification from the International Air Transport Association as an information technology vendor and as an aggregator.

tpconnects review

In the long run, TPConnects says this technology will save travelers time and money. View Larger Image. The aggregate technology aims to personalize travel. Share On LinkedIn.It allows us to innovate and advance commercially by keeping the extension of content choices as relevant and flexible as possible to our customers. Be part of our community of seasoned travel and hospitality industry professionals from all over the world.

By Megha Paul On Mar 16, You might also like. — no 1 fraud and cheater company in travel industries

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tpconnects review

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