Sig p365 upgrades

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Sig p365 upgrades

Keep reading to see if this pistol is a good match for you. The Sig Sauer P was released on January 8, and it caused quite a stir in the gun industry, mainly due to its crazy magazine capacity. Did I mention that the guns are almost exactly the same size? Some have said Sig made a voodoo pact with unknown and unknowable gods to cram that many rounds into such a small package. Never the less it is an impressive gun on paper. It is fairly diminutive for such a capable gun.

It is a striker fired semi auto, only available in 9mm. Check out the full stats below. Like many popular self defense guns, the P uses a polymer frame and a steel slide. It has a very short barrel at only 3. This micro compact might be the most accurate pistol in class. Concealed Carry reported off hand accuracy of 3 inches at 15 yards which is a very solid figure for a full size pistol, let alone a gun with a 3 inch barrel.

Most other reviewers will give this an 8 or 9 out of 10 for accuracy and nearly all reviewers remarked that it was much more accurate than it needed to be given the close ranges this pistol would be expected to be used.

Check out this video and you will see some great shooting from the P as well as tons of other great information. This is the big elephant in the room.

Sig has been known to produce some great guns that in the past have been released prior to all the kinks being worked out. The first generation of the Sig Sauer P followed in that vein.

Some shooters reported issues with failures to feed and extract some types of ammunition. They also reported other issues like primer drag which caused firing pins to bend or break. Obviously this caused Sig to change the design of the pistol and tweak a few minor issues. The folks over on Sig Talk forum have a great thread on thisand it seems that P pistols manufactured after June are the best bets for those that want maximum reliability.

Concealed Carry did a great review that was incredibly in depth early last year on the P I have spoken with numerous P owners, and I have personally witnessed several P owners fire their guns. Some of these were in handgun courses I instructed this year. I estimate that I have seen approximately an additional 5, rounds fired through about 10 other P pistols.

While I have seen a few malfunctions occur, and some seemed to experience more malfunctions than I did including with brass-cased ammunition, I can still count the TOTAL number of malfunctions I have witnessed in all these other guns on less than two hands.

Worst-case scenario, the P is still This represents a little more than 1 malfunction every 1, rounds, I estimate about 1 in every The reviewer in that video notes that on occasion, when he grips very hard, he activates the triangular shaped mag release with the palm of his off hand.

sig p365 upgrades

This is not a problem unique to this platform but, it can cause the magazine to drop slightly, which will keep the slide from stripping off the next round, giving you the dreaded click instead of a bang. The only way around this will be trying the weapon for yourself using your own hands and grip.It had to be an equal. The first series of P models were nevertheless impressive for their authenticity to the 9mm Sig and accuracy with.

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One of the things I had pointed out was that due to its small size the CO2 cooled the gun every time you fired it. This lowered pressure and allowed liquid to escape into the ports. The compounding issue was the remarkably small size of the CO2 BB magazine which limited gas chambering and porting, thus making the pistol more sensitive to temperature swings.

Since the P CO2 model still cannot be field stripped, these are internal changes you will have to feel, rather than visually inspect. Sig Sauer engineers did, however, have a way to proof their design modifications by subjecting the CO2 model to the same endurance tests, using the same endurance test fixtures as the 9mm model. The barrel tolerances were improved to increase compatibility with a wider variety of ammo and provide better accuracy across the board.

Considering the original test gun was printing 1-inch to 1. There was one other recurring complaint involving the smoothness of the trigger pull. The trigger moved back 0. While heavy in terms of total resistance through the last 0. The trigger on CO2 models has been improved with some extra polishing here and there to make it feel as close to the 9mm model as possible. We will get into the detail in Part 2, but I can tell you the difference is impressive.

In Part 2 we will begin comparisons with the and models to see how improvements play out. Glad to see that Sig took the feedback seriously and addressed the problems. I had high hopes for the Sig. My ownership of the Mark 1 version lasted about 30 minutes. The first shot and several after that were squib loads. Then after another few shots with the original and spare mag, the velocity again dropped resulting in either bb bounce back or hitting low and failing to even penetrate the target paper, or imbedded in the most superficial layer of the cardboard backing.

It seems that is what Sig did. It appears that the valve and cooling ports were to blame.

Sig Sauer P365 Parts

Might take another chance on one. Well worth the chance. Even with the improved magazine alone, my P, which was having performance issues similar to yours, only after a couple of months of shooting, was like new again with the magazine that came with the P model. OK, to answer the question of the week, Sig Sauer has confirmed that all guns in stock and all guns being delivered are the model, same for the spare magazines.

Pyramyd Air is shipping new inventory. Denis — off topic again! Things have changed though and because of its being a pump up gun there are too many variables to look after for that kind of report. Instead I decided to just figure it out quickly for best accuracy at 15 yards at 5 pumps. Not the pellets to use at these not so much longer ranges including the Miesterkugeln 7. Going through my collection of pellets shooting 2 or 3 test shots each I found a pellet that seemed to give good repeatable groups.

The 5 shot groups I was testing with and finally 8 shot groups were coming in at less than 1 inch at 15 yards. Clearly the best pellet for my gun! Hope it works! Well Red, maybe off topic but on point for getting the most out of the Are you looking for the best Sig P accessories and upgrades?

You can use a P for self-defense purposes or be able to put it to good use at the range for the fun of it or while you are competing.

Sig Sauer P365 Grip Module Replacement

Either way, if you truly want to make this pistol stand out even better you will certainly need to find the right kind of accessories and upgrades. Before we get to the list, we are going to talk about the perks of getting these new accessories and upgrades and how you can choose them for your own personal use.

If you really want to get excited about purchasing a new accessory or upgrade, you are probably going to want to know about the perks you can get out of them.

Whether you choose one accessory or a few, you want to make sure you reach some kind of end goal like some of the following perks below:. There is no denying that accuracy is something we all want for our pistols.

Especially when you want to make sure you can hit the bullseye from a good distance i. Accuracy should always be important no matter what the application. When the contest or your life is on the line, you need to know exactly where every shot you take goes.

Reliability is also a must. You want your accessories to work exactly when you need them to. A useless accessory will obviously be considered unreliable. This is where choosing the best quality comes into play.

The better the quality, the better it will be reliable for you. The last thing you want to do is deal with accessories or upgrades that will allow for complex installations.

Sig Sauer P365 Flat Trigger - Factory Upgraded P365 Trigger

That is why you should always find accessories that are easy to install and take no more than a few minutes to do. Pay close attention to the following so you know what to look for in one or several accessories:.

Suppose you are on a budget. You always look at the price tag first because money might be an issue. Rest assured, you can find the best accessories and upgrades that you can afford in terms of quality and performance.

Do you want better accuracy? Quicker shooting? Better control? Knowing the end goal or result of your upgrades will help you better determine which item will be better for you in the long run.

Sometimes, the solution might be one of the accessories and sometimes it might require a couple of others. Be sure to figure out what your goal is before purchasing any accessories. Quality should always trump some of the other factors like price. And quality always ties into some of the other attributes like reliability. Be sure to know what the best materials are for specific accessories and upgrades.

These are our recommendations for the best SIG P accessories and upgrades:. The following is a list of the six best Sig P accessories and upgrades that are currently on the market. As you go through the list, you may want to consider the idea of taking notes of any features and characteristics regarding each accessory or upgrade. This way, if you find one that will stand out and be a worthy investment, you can make a quick determination of getting said accessory or not.

What Recent Buyers Report Most of the new buyers were really happy with how awesome this accessory was designed. Not only did they use the light to their advantage in a low-light range setting, they were able to put the laser pointer to good use in order to make sure that this was in great shape. He added that it was a regular thing to do since he was in law enforcement.

And you best believe that this light and laser combination will be exactly what you are looking for if you want to give yourself an edge in a tactical or self-defense situation. Even if you are really on a budget, you would totally save up for something like this on general principle.Apr Repost from platt. These results were consistent across multiple runs. I was consistently 2 seconds faster with the CO setup and no reloads. Kaylee's drill addresses the challenging problem of moving aggressively off a difficult target.

Calling each shot is the solution. Looking forward to pushing training very hard in live fire this month. What do we have here?!? Apr 5. Oh and the bruiser patches are in the wild.

Mar Here are all the guns brucegrayggi talked about in the live video. Under that we have the P 10mm, next to that is the Sistine pistol. Above that is the LDC that has been fully upgrayed.

On the right side we have our P with the top one being out PBruiser, the colab project with bruiserindustries. And the bottom is a P30! Going live in 15 minutes! Can you name the guns pictured?

Best SIG P365 Accessories and Upgrades – 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

We will be talking with our friend Joe Dawson, and dive deep into the world of custom pistols. Tune in to see some one of a kind pieces and get your questions answered!The Sig Sauer P Nitron is a legend in its own lifetime. So there was always going to be a slew of Sig P accessories, upgrades and aftermarket parts.

We have a full list of suggestions, but if you just want us to STFU and point you to the Sig Sauer accessories and upgrades, well we can do both:. Sig Sauer has even sent its own engineers to work to refine the new benchmark for concealed carry pistols. It has a ported slide. You also get a trick Meprolight FT front sight that works like a very vague red dot sights system.

But as a defensive sight then we like it a lot.

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Especially integrated into the slide like this. They can get expensive. Here are our picks. Sometimes the cheapest and simplest mods you make are the best. And there is no denying the straight value of five extra rounds in each mag. An extended mag is one of the fastest ways to measurably improve any gun.

Five more rounds between reloads makes the rest of this stuff look like window dressing. The is a snappy little creation and there are various ways to combat muzzle rise, increase your cycling speed and improve your accuracy. Three springs combine to create staged resistance and the third spring controls the slide. That stops it ramming the frame and potentially increases the lifespan of your concealed carry.

Custom slides for the Sig P accessories market are big business. But not all the big guns have options out yet. The serrations are much more aggressive, which gives you a fighting chance of manipulating this micro compact handgun with gloves on.

Drop in barrels for the Sig should be more competitive market. But again True Precision are one of the few to hit the ground running with this match grade threaded barrel. Obviously it adds length to your gun and limits you to open-ended holsters. This custom barrel is made from R steel.

The threaded match-grade barrel gets 6-groove rifling. The SAAMI spec chamber and polished feed ramp should give you a tangible improvement with the cycling times too. If you have opted for a ported slide, too, then this match grade barrel will peak through and transform the look of your custom pistol.

But a short barrel that fits flush might make more sense.

Sig Sauer P365 Upgrade Part 1

True Precision is already well known in the Glock modding community for its match-grade barrels and the occasional custom slide. Well you can throw away your traditional trigger and replace it with a Sig upgrade that is an OEM part from Sig.

And the flat trigger is one of many custom parts you can find at Rainier Arms. Get a 9mm 10 round magazine, an IWB holster, conversion kits, grips, a recoil reduction spring or a complete custom gun here. Things generally go bump in the night. At night, a blinding light can be all you need to gain a competitive advantage.The Sig Sauer P Nitron is now the undisputed best concealed carry gun in the world and it was only a matter of time before the custom tuning houses went to work on this diminutive carry pistol.

Can they improve on near perfection in a concealed carry gun?

sig p365 upgrades

After a rocky start with some quality control issues, Sig Sauer went back to the drawing board and produced a pistol that really does redefine the CCW genre. The price is always going to be the defining factor for some people.

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This tuned pistol looks and feels like a premium product, and it functions like a Sig Sauer P Nitron. We do like that stippling, like a lot. There are top cocking serrations so your fingers never slip. The slide is ported, slightly, and then coated with hard-wearing DLC. This is a style statement, rather than a performance mod.

sig p365 upgrades

Other highlights include a match grade gold barrel, color coded ejection port and fiber optic night sights to replace the stock dot sights on the Sig Sauer P pistol. There is now a Camo version you might want to have a look at and the range is growing all the time. The Cerakote finish, the stippling and slide work are all improvements, however incremental.

Nick id s lifelong gun enthusiast who has a simple mission. He wants to find the best deals for guns online and help you make the best choices with weapons your life may depend on one day. The slide? Is it still relevant? The is engineered to such tight tolerances and the trigger is so good that it will be interesting to see if there is much forthcoming except for aesthetic stuff, sights, extended mags etc.

But I would wonder out loud how much of it will actually offer a tangible improvement.Click here. Select from P xSeries modules including xCarry round magazinesxCompact round magazines and Full Size round magazines. The process and coverage of the Grayguns laser-sculpted module increase the stippled grip area by 40 percent, adding more in front of and behind the original factory grip area.

Limited Editions of the module in Cerakote Gray and Coyote check the drop down menu for availability. If you are looking for a firm grip for carry or competition, and you want to upgrade your, or just want another xSeries module, this is an affordable way to get a customized module.

These individually crafted modules are laser grayscaled in a process that interacts with the natural variations in the polymer, the end result is a laser stippling that becomes unique to that particular module. Follow the instruction video, if you inadvertently disassemble, make sure the FCU is properly assembled before reinstalling. Please keep in mind that these are hand cerakoted can wear with holster use. If you receive a grip module with any defects or blemishes please let us know before you install it.

Because of the custom nature of this product, once its used we may not be able to take it back for a refund. They are compatible with the baseplates that have the SIG mark on it. Some modules are in Laser or Cerakote Production 2 weeksso take advantage of the sale price and order now!

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Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Log in now. You must be logged in to join the discussion. Show everything Show all reviews Show helpful positive reviews Show helpful negative reviews Show unanswered questions. These are excellent grips. I have one on my competition PX5 and it provides an exceptional grip even in hot summer weather.

I really like the way it looks. I also have one on my P The texture is aggressive enough to provide a firm grip for recoil management with a sub-compact, while being smooth enough to not be harsh on the skin.

sig p365 upgrades

Grayguns seems to have found the perfect balance of grip texture. I highly recommend these grips. Something wrong with this post? Thanks for letting us know.


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