How to create a writing prompt

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How to create a writing prompt

Creative writing tips for kids

As you may know, I create many writing prompts and wrote the daily writing prompts for SchoolhouseTeachers. Where do I get my ideas? For instance, when I read that archaeologists found two lost cities deep in the Honduran junglemy mind went to how fun it would be for young sci-fi or adventure writers to write about finding a lost city.

What would explorers find? Would people still live there? Why had they been hidden for so long? Were they trying to hide something of value from the rest of the world? When writer Malcolm Gladwell declared that dog fighting is no different than footballI saw a great compare-and-contrast opportunity: Make a list of ways dog fighting is similar to football.

Then make a list of ways dog fighting is different from football. I have a sizeable funny bone, so when I read that an octopus almost escaped from its tank The War of the Worldsanyone? Write about it or write a short story. Today I read what they wrote way back then, and it makes for precious reading. Would you put them in the Comment box below for all of us to read? You can use mine! And here is SchoolhouseTeachers.

When you become a member for a low monthly fee, you can access all my daily writing prompts and many other exciting courses like Advanced Public Speaking, Business Plan Development, Online Math Practice, and much more!

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You can, too! Teachers, connect with me on Facebook or Pinterest! Are your writers struggling? Would you love to have a peaceful writing class experience?

Help your struggling writers—and you!No matter what, keep that hand moving. Writing is really a physical activity. Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part. One of the most effective ways to break the fear of the blank page is to free write to writing prompts. I use timed free writing exercises in my writers group and it never ceases to surprise how easily this allows writers of all abilities to tap into the creative flow. The internet is full of helpful websites with writing prompts.

Focus and concentration are limited resources that are easily wasted. If you are writing fiction, old postcards are great — charity shops can be a treasure trove.

I once came across a box of old postcards written in old fashioned handwriting, sent to people long dead. I keep a few handy, they are great as story prompts. You could also use an image from a magazine that speaks to you.

Choose one randomly, but avoid getting lost in a lengthy search for the right one. Write about what you see in the image. There are so many angles to be explored here. Or write about specific themes, ie. Make a list of your favourite words, sentences, aphorisms or quotes. Write them on small strips of paper and pick one randomly. Set your timer and without thinking start writing whatever comes to mind, stream-of-consciousness.

This is always a fun exercise I do with my writers group. Take a book from your bookshelf, open it randomly, pick a sentence to avoid wasting time, close your eyes and pick one without lookingthen start to write. This is so much fun and can lead to the most unexpected outcomes. Here is a sound bowl mediation for you. Use it to listen deep inside. Listen to any words that come up.

Maybe you can hear some lines of dialogue a character needs to say? The opening paragraph of a story or a word that will lead you to some reflective writing? Listen to the meditation and upon opening your eyes write down the first three words that come to mind. Every time you run out of things to say, return to the original sentence stem and start a new sentence. I also use free writing when I am stuck with a blog post. Often I have a topic in mind but when I start writing, nothing will come.

It usually helps to produce a few good lines, sometimes an entire blog post or perhaps just the opening paragraph, the rest then falls into place quite easily.Even maybe some peoples have a fantastic story in their mind, but once they sit down to start writing, then it seems sometimes they stuck for words. We can say that getting starting writing becomes the hardest task sometimes.

When anyone starts writing, they waste most of the precious time in making sure what to put on the page. Then one of the most effective ways to break your fear of writing, that is, you should have to start free write to, writing prompts. Some writers use writing prompts that help them to beginning writing. These prompts inspire writing an essay, story, and poem. Many writers are fighting with their regular basis blog writings, and the writing-prompts helps them to write and get past their blogs quickly.

Hence if you want to get starts your writing effectively and successfully, then you have to make a good writing prompt. Here we are going to discuss the best tips on how to create good writing prompts. Most of peoples find it difficult how to create excellent writing prompts. If you always prefer to write personal writing. Then you should use your pics or photographs in your writing. After getting the picture, you should write about what you correctly see in the image.

Here you can easily explore the views in the picture from many angles.

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If the picture is of your friends and family, then you can quickly and easily write about the relationship between the peoples. One of the best ways to create excellent or useful writing prompts is, first of all, make a jar of words. For doing so, you should make a list of words, quotes, sentences, and aphorisms that are your favorite or easy to use.

You should have to make a proper list of them. You can use paper and pen or an online notebook to create a good record. Then write your favorite or useful words, etc. After then, you can start writing something and make sure to take relevant words or sentences from the list.

It will help to improve your writings. It is one of the practical, effective, and fun exercises that most of the writer does. For doing so, you should take any book from any library or your bookshelf. Then open it conjectural and without wasting too much time read anyone paragraph.

After reading carefully and continuously, pick a line or sentence from that paragraph. Then start writing something on any particular topic and try to use the selected line or verdict in your writing; in order to make a meaningful paragraph.

We can say that this is not only a fun exercise, but it can also give you the most unexpected results. As everyone knows that the meditation is necessary for a healthy mind. But are you know that meditation can also help to increases your creativity. Even with the use of meditation, you can easily create excellent and useful writing prompts. For doing so, you just need to give some time for in-depth meditation before start writing.

You can feel some sound bowl during meditation; this is sound that comes from inside of your soul. Now you should have to try your best to listen deep inside. Hopefully, maybe you can hear some words or lines for defined any character.

Even perhaps, you can listen to the very opening paragraph or sentence of any story, and it can lead you to write something reflective. So we can say that meditation is one of the best sources for creating or manufacturing good writing prompts.

One Sure-Fire Way to Create Writing Prompts for Your Students

If you are writing something, then there are many situations during writing when you are feeling stuck; that now what to write.General Education. The most common advice out there for being a writer is, "if you want to write, write. Whether you're looking for help getting started on your next project, or just want to spend 20 minutes being creative, writing prompts are great ways to rev up your imagination.

Read on for our list of over creative writing prompts! If you're looking for a quick boost to get yourself going, these 10 short writing prompts will do the trick. Include objects, people, and anything else in your immediate environment. What events will you submit? Write the story that ensues. What stories might be happening on this train?

Any of these prompts can be used by writers of any age, but we chose the following 11 prompts as ones that would be particularly fun for kids to write about. Most of them I used myself as a young writer, so I can vouch for their working! Think about what you would name them based on what they do, what you can use them for, and what they look like.

My grandfather was Write about them from the opposite point of view or from the perspective of a character with the opposite point of view.

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Make a story out of it. Choose one of the ridiculous issues and write a speech in favor of it. Write about someone with one of those careers who wants to quit it.

Choose one at random from the list to use in a story. Jacques Hairyback or Flora Dimple. Picking one image, write half a page each of:. Write a story involving both settings. Write about how this holiday is celebrated. Got Its Headphones?Get great ideas for stories from the Writing Prompt Generator.

If you are stuck for ideas for your next writing project then the random writing prompt generator is the perfect tool for you. Get inspiration for your very first lie or for the scenario that sets the tone of your next writing masterpiece. By joining GeneratorFun. Join For Free Now!!

10 Best Creative Writing Prompts

The writing prompt generator generates a huge range of ideas for your next piece of creative writing. Based on our large database of writing prompts and story ideas you can find the perfect prompt to get you started and get your story underway.

Simply click on the Generate Button and a fresh writing prompt idea will appear. When you are happy with your generated writing prompt you can hit the Copy button to add the text to your writing project. You can also control the number of writing prompts generated with the Sets dropdown option. When you have found the perfect writing prompt, why not share it on social media so your friends can comment with the social media sharing buttons.

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Put your pen to paper. Instead of thinking about a specific topic to write about, a writing prompt will give you a topic as a source for your writing ideas. Build your writing muscles by practicing ideas based on writing prompts. Writing prompts teach you good habits that make it easier to get started and write for longer. One of the great advantages of a writing prompt is that it can greatly increase your creativity. You will start seeing the world in a new light and ideas you have never imagined will start flooding in.

Image No Yes. Login Forgot Password? Reset My Password.You get better at any skill through practice. The Write Practice is more than just a writing blog. One of the most important parts of practice is getting feedback, and we want to help YOU get feedback on your writing. To do that, below each prompt on this page is a link to share your practice in the comments section on a page dedicated to that prompt. After you share your writing, please be sure to give feedback to at least three other writers there in the comments.

That way everyone can get feedback! Why not try using two or three of these creative writing prompts in your writing today? Who knows, you might even begin something that becomes your next novel to write or short story.

Write for fifteen minutes. If you post, be sure to give feedback to three other writers as well. See the prompt: Grandfathers. Write about a time you felt out of place, awkward, and uncomfortable. Try not to focus on your feelings, but project your feelings onto the things around you. Write about longing. How does it feel to go about a normal day when your character wants something else?

Write about a ghost. How do they feel about the world? What do they see and hear? How did they become a ghost? Write about a roadtrip. Is your character escaping something? Is your character looking for something? Hint at the thing without telling us while describing what the character sees. Write about the morning.

how to create a writing prompt

Write about the beach. Is your character reflecting on something important that has happened to them? Describe the memory while overlaying the sights, sounds, and smells of the beach onto them. Write about autumn. Natural surroundings can bring up old memories and odd feelings. Describe what your character sees, feels, and most of all does. Building an Author Website.

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Our Most Popular Creative Writing Prompts Why not try using two or three of these creative writing prompts in your writing today? Enjoy the writing prompts! My 3 Favorite Writing Prompts Write about a time you felt out of place, awkward, and uncomfortable. Write about why, and how they respond to being sleepless. Joe Bunting. Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice community. He is also the author of the new book Crowdsourcing Parisa real life adventure story set in France.A writing prompt offers a method for writers to focus, practice, and expand creatively.

Prompts serve as jumping-off points to help you hone your craft as a writer. A writing prompt is usually a statement followed by questions you can use to craft a piece. The initial statement focuses on a particular subject or an area.

For example, a creative writing prompt might suggest, "Describe a cold, empty place. To further focus the writer, the prompt may then pose a series of questions or offer suggestions for details. For example, for the cold, empty place writing prompt, questions to help the writer focus might include:. There are many types of prompts to help you focus on all aspects of writing.

Examples include:. There's no wrong way to use a writing prompt.

how to create a writing prompt

While prompts are intended to spark imagination, you can also use them to help in your writing work. For example:. In his book Outliersauthor Malcolm Gladwell suggests that you need to spend about 10, hours practicing in order to gain mastery-level proficiency with your craft.

What Is a Writing Prompt?

While there is debate about the actual amount of time needed for proficiency, it's clear that to hone any craft, including writing, it's necessary to spend time performing and practicing it. Writing prompts offer you the opportunity to build skill and the more time you spend writing, the better you will become at it.

You can choose to use writing prompts in any way that feels comfortable to you. Prompts allow you to explore your potential as a writer. They are fun exercises designed to spark creativity, help you hone your craft, and to allow you move forward as a confident writer. All Rights Reserved.

how to create a writing prompt


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